We are told in the Great Commission to go into all the world and make disciples of all people, and we feel there is no better place than our own backyard.

Through alot of prayer and exploration we found our building on Foster Avenue and hope to reach out to the entire surrounding community.

If there is something you'd like us to do, or know of someone in need, please contact us.

We are here to serve.

Bethel Northside is a christian church made of people from our community right here in Schenectady that have a heart for serving the Lord, reaching the lost, and sharing their story of what He has done to change their lives.

who we are

our mission

Our mission is clear, as followers of Christ we have been given a clear command to “make disciples.” This is not a calling for an elite few. Instead, this is the command for every Christ follower.

No matter one’s gifting, vocation or personality Jesus has commissioned each of us to spend our lives making disciples. This is not optional or a mere suggestion.

It is to be “the” mission of every person who confesses Jesus as Lord.

Dave and Jennifer Blackstone lead Bethel Northside Church.

They recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their lives.

Dave grew up the son of a pastor who later backslid in his teenage years. After multiple arrests and felony convictions he wound up in Albany county jail where he had a radical conversion after an encounter with God in his cell. The jail subsequently experienced revival with close to 50 inmates giving their lives to the Lord through evangelism and ministry associated with Blackstone accompanied by signs and wonders. Upon his release he was ordained by the local church and later received a Ministry License through the Assemblies of God.

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